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Mari Angeli Lopez

SGR Records USA

Freestyle/Dance Music artist of SGR Records USA song writter singer and great performer puts it all down on stage when performing her music 

Mari Angeli Lopez was introduced to the lable in 2017 by Marla G ever since Mari been recording many songs starting from I'm all out of love to Oxygen and her newest release "First true love" that has hit the masses thruout the states and around the globe. continues to sing and produce her music with Yuyo MC and other great producers in the Freestyle Genre.



Mari Angeli Lopez

SGR Records USA

First True Love

The single that brought to life a new chapter in Her Life plus a new era in Freestyle Music.


a song that was dedicated to Her Grandmother after passing away. 

Press on button to Download "First True Love " by 

The Santana Twins Free Download

Amor Por Amor

From Bachata to Freestyle / Dance Music the biggening of what she has to offer.

Bad Dream

To this date still the fans favorite.

The Santana Twins

Download the Santana Twins "First True Love" Luv Mix Free! great remix of the song with a twist of freestyle music.









Music Collection and Digital Releases

In 2017 Mari Angeli Lopez was signed to SGR Records USA after been introduced to Yuyo MC by Marla G " Giggles" a very good and close friend of Mari Angeli Lopez. after loosing her grandmother she wrote a new song dedicated to her grandmother titled "Oxygen" right after that she came back strong in 2022 with "First True Love" as soon after the song was released Mari Angeli Lopez & Evalina new Remix Ep album titled "Over Again" was released were then the song was charted on different iRadio's and FM stations. 

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